How I Schedule My Day


The Macro: I set a goal and use that to create a process. Based on my progress towards that goal I adjust my process. I’m a huge believer of process oriented > goal oriented.

For me, the only function a goal serves is to establish a process and then to determine the quality of my process.

The Micro: I use a Kanban w 3 columns. Backlog, Doing Done. I keep nothing in my head. I write everything on a post it and put it in the backlog.

I organize the backlog w the most important things on top.

I drag 1 item from the top to Doing and move it to Done when it’s done.

At no point in time do I have more than 2 notes in the Doing column to prevent lots of half finished tasks.

Love the simplicity and the ‘not keeping things in ur head’ element. Hope it helps

RJ Youngling