Advertisers Are Clueless About Advertising...

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Because most are trained by traditional education or by copying what others are doing with the main focus being sales.

But as we discussed many times, revenue is always a lagging indicator of a job well done.

In order to actually sell, one must first have a prospect’s attention and interest.

So the problem with optimizing for revenue is that you start doing things that you think will work AKA best practices.

But as soon as everyone starts doing best practices they stop working. *1

This translates into ads users hate.

The opposite of this is realizing ads are fundamentally creative, which is why the word ‘creative’ is also used to refer to the sales copy and sales videos.

Wouldn't it be better if people loved our ads?

Wouldn't it be better if our ads didn't serve as a punishment one has to endure to be able to watch a piece of content?

What if our ads were in fact that content that people would want to watch?

That would mean that the people we should turn to are not advertisers.. but the people who actually understand how to influence human behavior and emotion using pictures and movies.. aka the creatives.

(This is a big idea which I believe is true about marketing as well. Marketers are the least qualified people to do marketing! If you want great marketing, hire a person who understands behavioral psychology.. since marketing, in essence, is pragmatic behavioral psychology with a specific end goal, usually sales.)

Here's an amazing example of a sponsored squarespace ad woven into a piece of content by Peter McKinnon.

*1 Which is why an easy way to separate yourself from the crowd is to have the courage to try something new. How many ads do we see that are interchangeable? It’s because those companies lack the balls to be creative. It MUST produce ROI, cannot fail and cannot offend anyone. Those constraints are bound to kill creativity and produce more of the same averageness.

RJ Youngling