Great Leaders Lead From The Bottom


I’ve always admired janitors.

Not sure why.. something just seems so zen.

Maybe, I’ve just had the good fortune of having exceptional janitors in high school.

People who were so much more than just a mindless cleaning machine.

(Which is unfortunately all they’re compensated for.)

They were often very involved in the social dynamics of the school and had vital information about the students, cuz they were ‘‘in the trenches’’.

It always struck me as bizarre that, for all their work entails and for all the things they do that are outside of their job description, they’re perceived as low status.

I think we can learn much from people at the ‘‘bottom’’.

And IMO, it’s unfortunate that leadership caries so much status because it incentives the wrong people. If leadership was low status.. only people who would truly care about it would take on that role.

The best leaders are the ones who do it reluctantly, not the ones who crave to be seen as a leader.

Great leadership isn’t sexy.

Because great leadership means all good things are because of your team, all bad things are because of you.

Great leaders take extreme ownership of everything that happens around them.

Great leaders lead from the bottom.

RJ Youngling