The way you grow is to serve fewer people, better.

Not more people, worse.

There are almost no companies giving people an extraordinary experience.

Thus, the bar is set low. If you go above and beyond, you’ll instantly stand out.

That will attract not only more customers, but the right customers.

Don’t just attract anyone.

The haggler, the complainer, the divas, the stress spreaders, the ones who don’t understand where your value lies..

Attract the right people.

And that starts with 10.

10 members of your tribe. 10 raving fans. 10 evangelists who spread the word.

Getting 10 people like that is very, very hard.

But in the process of getting those 10, you’ll do an order of magnitude more good for your company than if you try to 10X the traffic you get in the hopes of converting some small percentage of them.

Bottom-up vs. top-down. Read the essay Which Side Is Up? for more on that.

RJ Youngling