Which Side Is Up?


Up doesn’t exist. There’s no such thing as up.

It’s just something we’ve invented to make communication easier.

We use the gravitational pull (gravity doesn’t really pull, it warps space-time because of mass causing objects to fall with a certain acceleration) to imply down and the opposite to imply up.

Okay, so if I’m traveling from the Milky Way to the Andromeda galaxy, during that distance of 2.5 million light-years in intergalactic space, up and down make no sense at all.

What if we’ve been going about up and down the wrong way?

We start up and we go down.

We start at the top of the funnel and work our way to the bottom.

We start with annoying and interrupting as many people as our marketing budget allows.

A super bowl ad if we can afford it, otherwise a tv commercial or a billboard, a Google Adwords campaign or Facebook campaign.

Once we maximize the number of people going into the funnel, they start leaking out.

Some won’t opt in and give us their email.

Others won’t open the email.

Others won’t click the link.

Others won’t add to cart.

Others won’t buy.

Others won’t become repeat customers.

At each stage, we end up with fewer people until we gradually narrowed a large group down to a few repeat customers.

What if this approach is the wrong one? What if we flipped up and down?

Maybe, just maybe, the goal shouldn’t be to maximize the number of people going into the funnel while pummeling them with high-pressure sales tactics and scarcity until they buy.

Maybe we should start at the end of the funnel.

With a small group who loves us. Make them happy at a profit and let them spread the word.

Maybe what we thought was the top of the funnel was actually the bottom, and what we thought was the bottom was actually the top.

Maybe up isn’t up, maybe up is down.

RJ Youngling